About CD International Enterprises, Inc.

Team Picture

CD International Enterprises, Inc. is a U.S. based company that produces, sources, and distributes industrial commodities in China and the Americas and provides international business and financial consulting services. CD International Enterprises was created in recognition of the market need for both investment capital and management acumen for small to medium sized business entities. Our mission is to provide a platform to support, develop and nurture these businesses which play a vital role in the ongoing globalization of business activity. We offer these entities business solutions which foster growth and the ability to compete successfully on a global scale. As a result, our organization serves as a vehicle to allow investors to participate directly in the rapid growth of emerging markets in China and the Americas.

Headquartered in Deerfield Beach, Florida, CD International Enterprises currently operates in two primary business segments: Magnesium and Basic Materials. We are committed to improving the quality and performance of our subsidiaries by providing an array of resources to augment their efficiency and growth. These resources include management advice, investment capital, business development services, strategic planning, internal control, macroeconomic industry analysis, and financial management. Through our ownership control, we provide the resources to enable these subsidiaries to successfully expand their operations.

In our third business segment, we provide consulting services, mainly to Chinese entities seeking to compete in a global economy. These services include strategic planning, business development, investment and financing assistance, M&A planning and analysis, modelling and valuation analysis, financial management, SEC report filings and management, SOX 404 compliance, and investor and public relations services.

With offices and operations in the United States, China and the Americas, CD International Enterprises is comprised of a culturally diverse group of business professionals eager to develop creative solutions to access opportunities in the growing global economy. Employing a multicultural team which has been operating successfully within the landscape since 2001, our organization presents a series of advantages critical to the success of emerging market entities.

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